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What my clients say

“My team has in the past year used Lene for various types of coaching and advisory services related to development in high performance environments. Lene has an impressive ability to crystalize areas of development and prepare tailor-made techniques that are simple, actionable and efficient. By applying these, she has in a short amount of time managed to create observable results, which have materialized as accelerated development across the team.

I therefore consider her an essential sparring partner, why she has my warmest recommendation.”

Maria Hoffmann, Head of Innovation, Ørsted

“BCG has been working with Lene as a performance advisor and sounding board for our employees for several years. We find that our employees, who have talked to Lene come out mentally stronger and more resilient versions of themselves than before the sessions.

We consider Lene as highly competent, professional and warm – and give her our warmest recommendations”.

Stine-Marie Skov Jørgensen, Nordic Staffing & CPH Business Management Director, Boston Consulting Group

“Since 2013, Rambøll has worked closely with Lene on helping key employees back to optimal performance and well-being after periods of primarily stress-related challenges. Lene’s methods and approach to our employees are professional and characterized by great insight into – and understanding of – the needs of each individual. The work with the employee is done without the employee taking sick leave, and the employee returns strengthened with lasting results and an understanding of what it takes to take care of oneself in a busy everyday life.

In 2017, because of Lene’s results, Rambøll extended the cooperation to Lene also teaching our department managers and directors how to identify the early signs of stress and how to stay resilient – both when it comes to themselves and when it comes to their employees.

We very much value our working with Lene and highly recommend her to other companies as a competent and passionate partner”.

Lena Kjær, HR Director, Rambøll

“At MOE, we greatly appreciate our inspiring and professional collaboration with Lene M. J. Andersen. Both for us as a company and for our employees, Lene contributes to always creating a strong way forward for the individual towards finding his or her true self. Not least when one’s mindset sometimes represents a challenge.

Lene´s focus is on what works best for the individual. Lene contributes curiously and sincerely with constructive new ways of thinking and acting – in collaboration with us as a company. If you want to see change, we highly recommend Lene, who works professionally with the individual as a whole human being”.

Helle Dueholm Danekilde, HR Director, MOE

“Our high-performing managers and employees deliver to the company with great effort. At the same time they are exposed to huge pressure, both from themselves and from their surroundings – sometimes too big – and they risk falling ill with stress. Lene has worked with several of my colleagues suffering from stress with really good results. They are quickly back on the job and often return stronger than they were before they fell ill – Lene is good at working with and challenging their bad habits!”.

John Flemming Jensen, Tecnical Director, WSP

“As a senior project manager with many years of experience within administration and management of very large and complex building projects and after a period with excessive workload, I felt I was about fall ill with stress.

Lene helped me to get on top of things in the stressful and tense situation, and she also gave me tools to take control of my work life as well as my private life.

I would like to thank you for an incredibly professional, warm, and committed effort, and for your “no bullshit” approach which is highly useful for a hardcore project manager like me

Just like I can read through a lengthy business contract draft and pinpoint exactly where it is insufficiently prepared and therefore not ready for signing – in the same way, on the basis of something I said or didn’t say, you are incredibly fast at finding out where I put obstacles in my own way. Your professional competency is impressive”.

Esben Thygesen, Senior Project Manager

“I am sitting here writing this recommendation of Lene from Mindtrainer. Am trying to collect my thoughts. I’m moved to tears and at the same time full of gratitude. With a smile I think about an expression that came up repeatedly during our sessions; “What does your gut feeling tell you, Jesper?”. Well, it tells me that my sessions with Lene made a huge difference. Thanks to Lene’s professional, insightful, direct, and at the same time respectful coaching, I became at ease again and got back my joy of life.

I was actually OK, when I came to Lene. Good family, good friends, good job, lots of interests, but I had lost my way in life. Classical, I believe. 50 years old and what´s next!? Couldn’t find my sense of direction or meaning. Couldn’t feel myself. Lene helped me to find balance, peace, and the sense of being alive again – due to her experience, professional insight, and by means of her easy-to-understand techniques.

I am more in tune, more open, and yet stronger than ever. I am incredibly thankful to Lene for helping me and I strongly recommend sessions with her”.

Jesper Bech Petersen, Business Owner & IT consultant
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