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My method

I work on the basis of cognitive psychology, metacognitive psychology, and coaching – and also use the Enneagram as well as my spiritual view of life as working tools. Because, in my experience – throughout my career and life – it is this combination that gives the best results.

The essence of cognitive psychology is, that it is your thoughts that define how you see yourself, your surroundings, and the future – and life in general. So, when you are harbouring unconstructive thoughts, such thoughts are a restriction on the way you see yourself, your surroundings, and your future. Such thoughts thus restrict you from unfolding your full potential. I use the cognitive therapy approach to help you become an expert on letting go of restricting thoughts.

Metacognitive psychology is a refinement of cognitive theory and therapy and goes deeper. The essence is, that it is not so much your thoughts that are vital to your well-being, but rather what you think about your thoughts. In other words, to be thinking; “My husband is annoyed with me, so he probably doesn’t love me any longer” is not crucial to your self-esteem and to how you feel. Crucial to your self-esteem and your well-being is the value you attach to that specific thought – to what extend you believe, that the thought is telling you something that is true. I have developed a technique that enables you to be conscious about the value you assign your thoughts – and how you correct the valuations that are not helping you get to where you want to be in your life. Further, my technique strengthens those of your valuations that help you get to where you want to be.

I use coaching as an add on to the cognitive and the metacognitive approach by asking you the questions, that make you reflect and tap into your unused resources and unfulfilled potential.

The Enneagram is a psychological model and a tool for determination of personality type with focus on identifying the underlying motivation of your behaviour. The Enneagram is also effective with regard to identifying which behaviour you must adjust in order to tap into your potential.

My spiritual view of life means – among other things – that I believe it always is a potential learning opportunity when we find ourselves in a difficult situation. These situations present us with the option af opening up for ressources in us that we until then where not aware of having.  

Depending on what is most beneficial for you in regard to you reaching the goal for our collaboration as quickly and efficiently as possible, we either agree on a course of sessions of 60 minutes duration – or a “Mindtraining Executive” string of sessions, where we are in contact 3 days a week (either by meeting at my office in Hellerup or by Teams/phone), and where there is ample time for each session.

I do 1:1 sessions, couples sessions, and I teach.