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Course participants say

“Since 2013, Rambøll has worked closely with Lene on helping key employees back to optimal performance and well-being after periods of primarily stress-related challenges. Lene’s methods and approach to our employees are professional and characterized by great insight into – and understanding of – the needs of each individual. The work with the employee is done without the employee taking sick leave, and the employee returns strengthened with lasting results and an understanding of what it takes to take care of oneself in a busy everyday life.

In 2017, because of Lene’s results, Rambøll extended the cooperation to Lene also teaching our department managers and directors how to identify the early signs of stress and how to stay resilient – both when it comes to themselves and when it comes to their employees.

We very much value our working with Lene and highly recommend her to other companies as a competent and passionate partner”.

Lena Kjær, HR Director, Rambøll

“I think it was a really good course, especially your ability to pinpoint the balance between people and business – and the realisation that we each relieve stress in different ways”.

Michael Reventlow-Mourier, Senior Director

“Thanks again for another good, inspirational, and content rich morning. The content was again really good. We gained an incredible amount of relevant knowledge, and you had structured in a way that enables us to work on implementing it. Your presentation, spiced up with practical examples, worked really well.

As you know I wanted “the influence of managerial behavior on the employee” on the agenda. I very much think that we were guided to realizing the factors that one as a manager must focus on in order to prevent stress among our employees and create a good everyday life. But I am are also aware that this is something we must work with more in our everyday life.

“The section on “self-management” (not least relevant when it comes to what I just mentioned), as well as the discussion after, was good. You stressed the importance of “being present” and the importance of devoting time to leading the employees and taking the employees seriously, and that was important to us.

As was the case with the first of your courses we attended, I think you stimulated our curiosity to learn more about leadership and learn more about people, which was the bonus I was expecting.

As can be seen, I only have good things to say about the course. Frankly, I do think it is a good thing to also convey negative, constructive feedback – only in this particular case I can’t find anything negative to say. Your inspiring and captivating way of communicating your knowledge about this exciting topic was super good. Thank you once again”.

Gunnar Vagn Andersen, Head of Division, MOE

“Thank you for your positive energy and good communication skills. You really made me think about the importance of being aware of “Stress signs” – both when it comes to myself and when it comes to the employees.

As we talked about, we Consulting Engineers probably have not been good at sticking together, and in times of recession one has been underbidding the other and the developer has become used to low prices – while at the same time demands for our services have increased. The result has been increased pressure on our services and on our employees. 110% workload or more is quite normal, and unfortunately there is often very little time devoted to leading the employees.

As I mentioned to you, I myself will start with one or two of your suggestions, and in that way get started on building new routines and influencing my colleagues and employees in a positive direction when it comes to avoiding going down the stairs of stress”.

Lise Djurhus Ipsen, Head of departement, Dines Jørgensen & Co A/S

“Many thanks for today. It was a great pleasure. Your presentation was sharply cut and gave us a lot. It was also great to see that the team was so engaged in a topic that to some can be seen as a private matter”.

Henrik Ravn, Head of Departement