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Couples counselling

Serious trouble in a romantic relationship often begins with minor banalities that eventually pile up and overshadow everything that you used to love about each other. The better you know yourself and each other, the better chance you have of a healthy relationship characterized by love, respect, and a sense of togetherness.

In any romantic relationship we find ourselves in front of an effective mirror. Many couples are preoccupied with looking at what the other person does wrong or how the other person ought to change. But only when we really begin to see and understand ourselves in the relationship, can the relationship dynamic be optimized. When you start to realize what it has to do with YOU that you are having difficulties in your relationship – and perhaps feel let down, not understood etc. – can the true potential of the partnership unfold.

It is never coincidental that two people decide to become a couple. The unconstructive patterns that may occur in your relationship have the potential of becoming a launching pad for a deeper self-awareness as well as a better dynamic with your partner and people in general.

Some of the problems that couples seek help to solve concern communication, presence, baggage from childhood or previous relationships, and self-esteem.

Couples counselling is a good idea when you are having problems in your relationship but can also be used with great results as preventive measure.

Couples counselling typically involves the following themes:

  • What is the motivation – for each of you – behind being in this relationship?
  • Which challenges are your relationship particularly vulnerable to, and which measures can you take?
  • Is being a couple still the best thing for each of you?

During our sessions you get effective tools for dealing with the challenges you have. These are tools that you can use going forward in this relationship if you choose to stay together – and alternatively the tools can be used in future relationships.

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