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Career development

In sessions where our focus is on developing your career, we typically have five focal points:

  • That you have a clear definition of what your career goal – or next intermediate goal – is. This includes making sure that the goal is in alignment with your core values.
  • That you have a clearly defined action plan that helps you reach your goal.
  • That you execute on the action plan.
  • That you know which of your mental and/or behaviorally habits you need to keep a close eye on in order for them not to stand in the way of you reaching your goal.
  • That you master a work-life balance that works for you.

My customers are generally very good at being in touch with the inner voice that tells them where it is right for them to be in their work life. They usually know when it is time to take a new step and what that step should be – and they are able to act on it.

However, it can happen to anyone that you get a feeling of it being time to make an adjustment or a major shift without you being able to pinpoint what the adjustment or shift should be.

In order for you to be the best version of YOU in all aspects of your life, including work life, it is important that your personality, your talents, and your essens are unfolded and put into play.

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