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Boost your self-esteem

Boosting self-esteem is very frequently part of the work I do with my clients. Because, to be the best version of yourself, your self-esteem needs to be really good and healthy.

Your self-esteem is the total value that you attribute to yourself as a person. That is, what you think about yourself.

Your core beliefs about yourself are often not conscious to you, even if you think that you know yourself well. If you have non-constructive core beliefs about yourself, it will show in your life in the form of one or more areas of your life not being in flow.

You see, your self-esteem is reflected in your outer world. So, when you have the feeling that something in your life doesn’t work as well as it could, it is a sign that it is time to boost your self-esteem. That is, to constructively adjust what you think of yourself.

If your self-esteem is not as good as it could be, you think negative things about yourself. For example; “Other people can make a living out of their passion – but not me” or “I can´t be my true self in a relationsship, because I´m not worthy of love as I am”. Those thoughts are reflected in your outer world, which consequently isn´t in flow.

When your level of self-esteem is generally high, you are well-balanced and know that you are worth everything that is important to you – and so you act in life with that as your baseline. This also makes it easy for you to learn from your mistakes and deal with situations that don´t go you way.

Self-esteem should not be mistaken for self-confidence. Self-confidence is about having confidence that you are good at something. If you think that you are a good friend or that you are good at your job, then your self-confidence is good in those areas of your life.

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