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About me

I was born in 1973, graduated from University of Copenhagen with an MSc in psychology in 2003, and I continously make sure I´m up to date with the latest research based knowledge about my areas of expertise. I started my company in 2003, and during the first few years I also worked as a psychologist for the Danish Cancer Society.

I work as a psychologist, performance coach, sounding board, and teacher. I work with private clients as well as business clients. I love my work.

I myself live by everything I teach my clients. It is so inspiring for me to see the results both in my own life and in my clients´ lives.

In my private life, I live north of Copenhagen with my husband. Our two children are grown up and well on their way in life. In addition to my work, family, friends, my home, food and wine, art, films, books, traveling, and days without any plans are of great importance to me.

You can also read about my method