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Lene M. J. Andersen


My speciality is giving you easy to use tools for getting your skills, your talents, and your essence fully into play in order for you to be the best version of you
– and hence:

  • thrive in your life.
  • keep your calm, your strength, and your faith in life
    when you are challenged.
  • experience flow.
  • make good decisions that lead you to
    where you want to be.

… Instead of you just stabilising or maintaining the areas of your life that could work better than they do.

We take our starting point in whatever has prompted you to contact me.

You will find a description of my areas of expertise in the menu above.

For 17 years, I have worked as a psychologist, performance coach, sparring partner, and teacher – for private customers as well as for business customers.

I have the nose of a bloodhound when it comes to identifying bad thought habits. In other words, I have a very clear eye when it comes to identifying where you are your own worst enemy, and where you have yet to have you full potential in play. So, instead of you using your energy on maintaining or stabilising, I teach you specific techniques to get your strengths, your skills, and your essence further into play. That results in positive changes in your life.

My customers are people who are resourceful – and very frequently high-performers. But at the same time, they have the feeling that one or several aspects of their life could work better. Or perhaps they have the feeling that they have resources and potential they haven´t yet taped into.

There are just as many women as men among my customers.

It is the case for all my customers that they want highly qualified sparring in order for them to take a new step in life. I bring that to the table, based on me being a psychologist with many years of experience in my areas of expertise.

As a psychologist with many years of experience and specialization, my strength is to be able to boil my expert knowledge down to simple and easy-to-understand tools that are easy for you to use in order for you to get your full potential into play – so that you can live the life that is of the highest value and meaning to YOU.

When you want a change or you experience challenges, it is always because it is time to integrate sides of the real YOU – that have so far been hidden to you. So, those times in life are a potential gift because you have the option to use them as an eye opener to what makes you truly happy in life and to help you put that insight into action.

I work as a psychologist in Hellerup, and my office is situated on Strandvejen. There is free parking by the office.

If you are interested in sessions with me,
let´s do the following:


We schedule an appointment of one hour’s duration. During that hour, I get a clear idea of what is you want my help with – and I present you with my recommendation for form and content of our possible collaboration.


On the basis of this one-hour conversation, you can think about whether you want to move forward.


Depending on what makes most sense in regard to you reaching the goal for our collaboration as quickly and efficiently as possible, we either agree on a course of sessions of 60 minutes duration – or a “Mindtraining Executive” string of sessions, where we are in contact 3 days a week (either by meeting at my office in Hellerup or by Teams/phone), and where there is ample time for each session.

“Just like I can read through a lengthy business contract draft and pinpoint exactly where it is insufficiently prepared and therefore not ready for signing – in the same way, on the basis of something I said or didn’t say, you are incredibly fast at finding out where I put obstacles in my own way. Your professional competency is impressive”.

(Esben Thygesen, Senior Project Manager)

In addition to working with private clients, I work with:

Want to work together?

Call me directly at:
5188 6812
Or send a message through the contact form below

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Then one of my courses might interest you.